Biobim Organic Babyfood

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Biobim; the finest organic baby food, with love for children and respect for nature since 1982. With years of knowledge and experience Biobim knows exactly what children need. They offer conscious parents a balanced range of organic baby food that is carefully tailored to the nutritional needs of the child. Picking the freshest, most natural ingredients for your baby’s nutrition will help your children grow healthy and strong. Biobim has been making sure that babies are fed the highest quality, 100 percent organic food made in the Netherlands, the Biobim organic baby food range is free from artificial colorants, scents and preservatives.

The responsibility goes beyond the product alone. Biobim also pays attention to the world around us. For instance, the cows are out on pasture and cereal not sprayed. Moreover, they already traditionally use responsibly wind energy (traditional and modern windmills), Biobim supports various foundations and charities and they constantly invest in ways of production, transport and packaging that are more sustainable.

Nutrition during the early stages of development is tremendously important. This is why you can find the wide range of organic Biobim baby milk, cereals fruit snacks and baby meals at Holland at Home. Because we also want the best for your baby!