Lays Hamka's (1 Bag of 115 gr)


€ 3.02

A party or quiet evening in just isn’t the same without Smiths Hamka's – a deliciously crunchy crisp with a rich ham and cheese flavour, that literally melts in the mouth. Be careful though, as once your Hamka’s crisp bag is empty, you’ll definitely crave more!

HS Code190590
KJ per 100 gr633
Kcal per 100g152
Vet per 100 gram75
Verzadigd vet per 100 gram1.2
Onverzadigd vet per 100 gram6.5
Eiwit per 100 gram2.3
Koolhydraten per 100 gram18
Suikers per 100 gram00.8
Product stuk(s) verpakkingZak
Stuk(s) eenheidgr
Bevat delen of sporen vanKoemelk|Kunstmatige kleurstoffen|Suiker|Tarwe
Clean NameHamka's
HS Code Product Typechips & zoutjes
Vezels per 100g0.4
Natrium per 100g0.2
Gram250 gr
Enable Pre-order0
Minimum age required0
Pre-order CMS pageno-route

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Lays Hamka's (1 Bag of 115 gr)

Lays Hamka's (1 Bag of 115 gr)

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