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Pepernoten are a traditional Dutch Sinterklaas favourite – these small, round biscuits, which are also referred to as kruidnoten, are made from wheat flour and a unique blend of speculaas spices and tend to swell Dutch supermarket shelves in the weeks prior to Sinterklaas. Pepernoten are available in bags of various sizes and are also a common ingredient in strooigoed, a tempting mix of Sinterklaas sweets and biscuits that are customarily scattered around the room or shared during Sinterklaas celebrations. Pepernoten are deliciously crunchy and have a flavour that’s comparable to ginger biscuits. These days you can also buy chocolate kruidnoten, which boast an indulgent chocolate coating. A bag of chocolate kruidnoten usually contains a selection of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate kruidnoten. And there are even special varieties of pepernoten such as kruidnoten with caramel and kruidnoten with truffle that are worth looking out for. You can order your choice of Pepernoten at Holland at Home. In addition to Bolletje Pepernoten, the online Dutch supermarket also includes Bolletje Friese Pepernoten, Bolletje Chocolate Kruidnoten and Bolletje Truffle Pepernoten.

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