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Holland-at-Home offers products that are sold in The Netherlands. Our European country has a lot of rules and legal obligations consumer products have to meet. These rules are sometimes laid down by law, or demand by authority organizations. The reason that there are strict requirements for products is to protect the consumer.

There are many well known authority organizations that have special awards or certificates that products can gain. Brands are committed to do their very best and let there products win these prestigious awards. These prices are for different categories and released by different organizations. On this page we will explain the different authority organizations and a shot explanation of what they mean. 


 Consumenten bond- The NetherlandsConsumentenbond logo

‘Consumentenbond’ is a Dutch Consumers Association, and a recognizes in The Netherlands.  This association had 4 different certificates:

  • Beste buy              
  • Test of the test      
  • Lowest price
  • Most sustainable buy

The certificates are awarded to products that achieve the highest results in the comparative testing and analysis of the Consumers Association.
The association identity is know for their independentce, reliability and expertise. They work closely together with consumers in The Netherlands, so you are assured of a fair result. 
Because in the end consumers deserve the best products

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