Many Dutch expats to celebrate King’s Day

77% of Dutch people intend to keep festive tradition alive

AMSTERDAM, 22nd April 2014 – Many Dutch people living abroad plan to celebrate King’s Day, according to a survey conducted by Holland-at-Home.com, an online supermarket specialising in Dutch products. More than three-quarters of all respondents (77%) intend to mark the special day, with around 80% planning to celebrate in exactly the same way as they did Queen’s Day.

Traditional Celebrations
Dutch people living abroad are planning to celebrate this forthcoming King’s Day in traditional style. Indeed, a quarter of all respondents will mark the special occasion by wearing an orange item of clothing, such as a t-shirt or hat.

Oranje Tompouce number one
The survey, which questioned more than two hundred Dutch people living abroad, also revealed which food products they plan to enjoy during the King’s Day celebrations. Top of the list, for 28% of respondents, is Oranje Tompouce (an orange version of a popular Dutch pastry), followed by Oranje Bitter (a Dutch spirit) for 25% of respondents, and bitterballen (deep-fried meatballs) for 15% of respondents. Surprisingly, alcohol came in last place, with only 8% of all respondents planning to celebrate King’s Day with an alcoholic drink.

Memories of home on King’s Day
Owner of Holland at Home.com, Chrystal van Goor den Oosterlingh, explains: "We Dutch are not exactly known for our patriotism or royalism. But we are keen explorers and tend to settle all over the world, where we’re usually quick to adopt local customs. Yet wherever we are, we still try to retain a few Dutch traditions, and that Queen’s Day has been ‘replaced' by King’s Day is of no consequence – the occasion still provides Dutch expats and their children with a welcome reminder of home."




About Holland at Home
Holland at Home was conceived around a German kitchen table while the owner was herself living as an expat in Germany. Chrystal missed her Dutch chocolate sprinkles and peanut butter so much that she realised there must be more Dutch people searching for their favourite Dutch products abroad.

Holland-at-Home.com was launched upon her return to the Netherlands, in May 2005. Since then the company has evolved into a multilingual web shop where Dutch people, as well as those who love Dutch food, can shop from an unbeatable range of more than 5,000 typical Dutch products from renowned Dutch brands, including Calvé, De Ruijter and Unox, and that during Sinterklaas includes a selection of seasonal Dutch goodies, such as chocolate letters, pepernoten and speculaas. In fact, it is anticipated that more than 30,000 families will order from Holland at Home this year alone.

On 10th December 2013, Holland at Home came third in the prestigious FD Gazellen Awards for the fastest growing Dutch companies, and was ranked number one in the category for fastest growing e-commerce business in the Netherlands.

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