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€ 2.71

Painless removal Water resistant Does not adhere the wound   * This product will be delivered in one of these two cheerful variants. Unfortunately it is not possible to make a choice in the printing of the package.

€ 9.24

Breathable skin-friendly material Water-repellent and dirt-resistant Not sticky pad, protects and operates cushioning

€ 13.21

Heltiq diaper rash cream:        Helps to treat and prevent diaper rash        Dermatologically tested        100% natural ingredients

€ 14.15

HeltiQ culticle oil:        Nagelriem, nagel en huidverzorgingsolie        Voor mooie verzorgde nagelriemen en nagels        Ook geschikt voor acryl- en gelnagels om ze flexibel te houden

€ 14.14

First aid pen:        First aid for the skin        For bruises, rough, red and chapped skin        100% natural ingredients

€ 14.14

HeltiQ scar gel pump:        Suitable for small, regular and complex scars        Reduces redness, visibility, itching and pain        Dermatologically tested        Proven effective to treat hypertrophic and keloid scars

€ 13.29

HeltiQ intimate wash        Daily intimate care        Maintains the pH balance             100% natural ingredients

€ 16.98

HeltiQ burnwound pen:       Used for minor and superficial burns       Cools down and calms the skin       Useful for sunburns       Easy, quick and effective

€ 21.70

Heltiq stretch marks oil (75ml):       For the prevention of stretch marks       Improves the skin elasticity and suppleness       100% natural ingredients

€ 18.87

HeltiQ stretch marks gel:        Reduces existing stretch marks        Improves skin elasticity and suppleness        100% natural ingredients  

€ 19.81

Heltiq stretch marks oil(150ml):       For the prevention of stretch marks       Improves the skin elasticity and suppleness       100% natural ingredients

€ 15.09

ByeBites anti-ich classic:      Purely natural product       Dermatologically tested       Quick relief from stings and bites

€ 19.81

ByeBites tropic spray:       Deet-free       Based on natural ingredients       Suitable for children

€ 17.92

Byebites sport mosquito gel:       Protects for up to 8 hours       Cools and refreshes the skin       Based on natural ingredients

€ 11.32

ByeBites sun & mosquito lotion SPF 15      Based on natural ingredient      With sun protection factor 15      Suitable for children

€ 15.09

ByeBites sun & mosquito spray SPF 15:       Based on natural ingredients       With sun protection factor 15       Suitable for children

€ 19.81

ByeBites anti-ich junior:       ByeBites anti-ich junior       Dermatologisch getest       Snelle verlichting van steken en beten

€ 16.04

ByeBites anti-ich classic pen:       Quick relief from stings and bites       Purely natural products       Dermatologically tested

€ 21.70

ByeBites baby mosquito lotion:       For babies and young children       Based on natural ingredients       Protects for up to 4 hours