Freshly cut Cheese

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Since the 17th century Holland is famous for its cheese production. And with an annual average amount of 14.3 kilo's of fresh cheese consumed per person, we are not called Cheeseheads for nothing.

Currently, in the Netherlands we produce more than 650 million kilos of fresh cheese each year, which makes the Netherlands one of the biggest producers and the largest cheese exporter in the world.

In Holland we produce all kinds of cheese and the Dutch cheese brands, such as Old Amsterdam, Gouda, Beemster, Maaslander and Edammer are worldwide known.

Do you live abroad and want to enjoy the taste of typical Dutch, freshly cut cheeses? Holland at Home has a wide variety of typical Dutch cheeses, that can be ordered online and shipped all over the world. So choose your favorite cheese and enjoy the taste of Holland wherever you live.