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Sprinkles need to be in the assortment of Holland at Home. Dutch love their chocolate sprinkles on bread for breakfast and lunch. Before they spread the sprinkles over the sandwich the most Dutch people grease their bread first with butter or margarine so the sprinkles will stay on the bread. Chocolate sprinkles are only popular in the Netherlands, Belgium and the former Dutch colonies Suriname and Indonesia as sandwich filling.

With pride we can say that chocolate sprinkles are almost three-quarters of a century the most popular "bread decoration '' is for breakfast and lunch.
Over the years, the development of sprinkles not stood still, it is currently in different flavours and varieties available; White chocolate, milk chocolate, pure chocolate and different fruit flavours.

Holland at Home has Dutch most popular chocolate sprinkles brands in his assortment like De Ruijter, Venz and Duo Penotti. For sure some chocolate products which you are familiar with.