Peanut Butter

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Peanut butter is popular as sandwich filling. Some people cannot life without, and others should not think about it. It is especially popular with vegetarians because it's a good source of protein. Eating Peanut butter has been proven healthy, but eat not too much of it. Peanut butter is not widely known in the world. It only occurs in North America and Europe. But people in the Netherlands love it, especially for their bread. The Netherlands has many types of peanut butter. In the year 2016 there is even opened a peanut butter shop in Amsterdam.

At Holland at Home we have the Dutch most popular peanut butter brand “Calve” in our assortment. We sell the Calve peanut butter in different variants: Standard peanut butter, Calve peanut butter with nuts and extra creamy peanut butter. Besides Calve peanut butter we have at Holland at Home also peanut butter of PLUS and the organic brand Bio +.