Difrax Mini Combi Soother


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Difrax Mini Combi Soother


The Difrax Mini Combi Soother both calms your baby and actively encourages the development of their tongue and jaw muscles. This unique, nipple shaped soother is specially designed for babies from 0 - 6 months and features an identical top and bottom, for ease of use. The combi soother is available in a variety of colours, meaning that the colour of the product you receive may differ from the image shown.


Difrax Mini Combi – stimulates the development of tongue and jaw muscles


The Difrax Mini Combi is specially designed for babies from 0-6 months. The teat of the Difrax Mini Combi boasts a distinctive convex shape that closely resembles a mother’s nipple and is thus extremely comforting for your baby. The Difrax Mini Combi can also be used in combination with breastfeeding. And, as both the top and bottom of the Difrax Mini Combi Soother are identical, you need never worry that your little one will put it in their mouth the wrong way round.


The Difrax Combi Mini Soother doesn’t only soothe and comfort your little one; the specially designed teat also stimulates the development of their jaw and tongue muscles, which is crucial for their transition to solid food.

Please note:

The colour of the product that you receive may be different than the colour of the product on the picture. You will receive one of the following colours: pink, white, orange, black. 

HS Code392490
Clean NameMini Combi Fopspeen
HS Code Product TypeOther Household Articles and Toilet Articles of Plastics
Gram250 gr
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Minimum age required0
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Difrax Mini Combi Soother

Difrax Mini Combi Soother

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