Brinta breakfast (1 Pack of 500 gr)


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Ask any Dutch emigrant which products from home they miss most and Brinta will almost certainly feature high on their list! There is nothing quite like this delicious, Dutch natural breakfast porridge, made from 100% whole wheat fibre and a natural source of vitamin B. Every filling bowl of Brinta is rich in minerals, including magnesium and iron, so you can enjoy a tasty breakfast and your body gets the nourishment it needs every morning.


Childhood memories

There is nothing like a warm bowl of Brinta porridge. I grew up on this product and continued to enjoy it for breakfast right up until I moved to the UK. It's one of the products I severely miss in the UK and it's so nice to be able to order it online. There is just no other porridge like it, with it's softness and subtle taste. Perfect for a healthy breakfast, either hot or cold. .

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    Brinta breakfast (1 Pack of 500 gr)

    Brinta breakfast (1 Pack of 500 gr)

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