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Bambix is a typical Dutch breakfast porridge for babies and children. It is produced by Nutricia (a Dutch dairy that originated in Zoetermeer) and has been enjoyed by Dutch families since 1966. In addition to their breakfast porridge, which is prepared by adding breast milk or follow on milk, Bambix also produce a ready-made porridge as well as a porridge that is made simply by adding water.

Nutricia was founded in the Netherlands in the year of 1901. During its over-100-year history, the firm has become the leader in the business of providing baby nutritious food and diary products. Nutricia also has other popular brands for you to select: Nutrilon and Olvarit.  

Holland at home has become the official partner of Nutricia since 08 March, 2017. All the Nutricia products selling by Holland at home will be directly provided by Nutricia with a long expire date and promising product quality.


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