Nutricia Cooperation

Nutricia was born in 1896 in a time when 20 percent of babies were dying before their first birthday, mainly because of wrong nutrition. In a small dairy factory in Zoetermeer, Nutricia’s forefather Martinus van der Haagen started making bacteria-free baby milk, thanks to an invention of German professor Alexander Backhaus. It was the beginning of the great history of this company, and it saved many children’s lives.

In 1901 the Nutricia company was founded. The name Nutricia comes from the Latin “nutrire” which means “to feed”. Nutricia stands for the "Wet nurse of the Netherlands". In 1905, the first Nutricia shop for milk powders was established and the company started to export their products. At those Nutricia shops, you could ring the bell even after closing time.

Nutricia is well known for its famous brand Nutrilon, but it is not only milk powder they produce. In 1946, the first Olvarit foods, vegetables and fruits were produced. Over the years Nutricia acquires other European brands: Cow and Gate (England’s Nutricia, 1981), Milupa (Germany, 1995).

Breastfeeding is best for babies.


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