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€ 2.44

Gentle on the skin Dermatologically tested pH skin neutral and 100% soap free   * This product will be delivered in one of the three colorful variants. We regret to inform you that it's not possible to choose between the packages. 

€ 3.25

Dermatologically tested pH-neutral skin hypoallergenic

€ 7.95

Dermatologically tested pH-neutral skin hypoallergenic

€ 4.01

Prepared with meat Conveniently for sharing Easy to prepare

€ 4.38

For both shower and bath With Chamomile & Honey Mild cleansing

€ 2.61 € 5.21 -50%

To reduce the pain from upcoming baby toothBiting experience and jaw coordinationLooks like a fun toy

€ 2.05 € 4.09 -50%

Good for the development of jaw musclesFirst experience with Jaw coordinationKeeps your baby calm and relaxed

€ 22.41

Get rid of clogged pores Provides fast, lasting hydration Suitable for adults and children

€ 4.78

Prevents dehydration of the skin With a pleasant fresh scent

€ 4.29

Suitable for babies aged 8 months and up Just add water Rich in iron for a normal cognitive development Rich in calcium for a normal bone development Contains 6 vitamins 1 Pack serves approximately 5 plates or 7 bottles of porridge

€ 3.84

Has a moisturizing and nourishing effect Is colorless on your lips