Holland at Home offers a wide range of Nutrilon infant formulas, follow-up milks and growth milks to ensure your child gets the essential nutrients he/she needs in the most crucial period of the development. Apart from standard milks Holland at Home has a wide range of special editions, including Nutrilon Hypo-allergenic, Pepti, Omneo-comfort, Forte and Anti-regurgitation. If your baby has a more prone to developing an allergy you can use Nutrilon Hypo-allergenic or Omneo-comfort. If you baby has a proven cow's milk allergy you can use Nutrilon Pepti. And for the big eaters we have Nutrilon Forte as well as Nutrilon Anti-regurgitation for the babies that suffer from regular vomiting. 

Holland at home has become the official partner of Nutricia since 08th of March, 2017. All the Nutricia products sold by Holland at home will be directly provided by Nutricia with a long expire date and promised product quality. You are welcome to find out more detailed information and select Nutrilon products on our Nutrilon brand zone.