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The Dutch are true coffee drinkers and many simply cannot imagine starting their day or rounding off that perfect evening, without an aromatic cup of Dutch coffee and a tasty Dutch treat to accompany it. Which is why leading online Dutch supermarket, Holland at home, stocks such an impressive range of premium quality coffee, and why our web shop boasts such a vast selection of coffee pads that are suitable for use in a large number of different machines and devices. All of our coffee pads come from tried and trusted brands and are available for fast and reliable international shipping, which means that you can now enjoy the full taste and aroma of authentic Dutch coffee wherever you are in the world. And Holland at Home offers coffee pads in an exciting choice of varieties too, including cafe latte, regular, extra dark, cappuccino, espresso, gourmet mocha, mild roast, and a wide assortment of fair trade coffees for a more responsible brew.
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