Nutrilon products include a complete range of infant formulas, follow on milks and growth milks, such as Nutrilon Standard 1 Infant Formula, Nutrilon Standard 2 Follow on Milk and Nutrilon Standard 3 Growth Milk. They also offer a range of formulas for those babies more prone to developing allergies, such as Nutrilon Hypo-Allergenic 1 Infant Formula and Nutrilon Hypo-Allergenic 2 Follow on Milk. A range of specially prepared formulas is also available for those babies who are frequently hungry; these include Nutrilon Forte 1 Infant Formula and Nutrilon Forte 2 Follow on Milk.

Holland at Home also offers a wide range of Nutrilon specialties. Please click here to see the overview.

Nutricia offers stage 1 till stage 5 in a new additional packaging. The current packs will stay available. Read more about these new Nutrilon tin packaging at Holland at Home. Click here